UKOPRA Marathon Class A

A47 – Silverline

Crew: Drew Langdon and Miles Jennings

Hull: Outerlimits

Engines: 2 x Mercury Racing

Total Horse Power: 1984 hp

A51 – Going Lean

Crew: Mikko Oikari and Lars Eriksson

Hull: Outerlimits

Engines: 4 x FTP

Total Horse Power: 2400 hp

A74 – Smokin’ Aces

Crew: Christopher and Nicholas Dodge

Hull: Skater

Engines: 2 x Chief

Total Horse Power: 2000 hp

UKOPRA Marathon Class B

B9 – Dry Martini

Crew: Christian Toll, Mike Bontoft and Michael Peet

Hull: Cigarette

Engines: 2 x Chevrolet

Total Horse Power: 1300 hp

B12 – Birretta Due

Crew: Jean-Pierre Neels, Thomas Vandamme and Marijke D’hondt

Hull: FB Design

Engines: 2 x Cummins

Total Horse Power: 1200 hp

B69 – Warpath

Crew: Glenn Chidzoy, Ole Finholt and Gordon Compton

Hull: Race Headquarters Inc.

Engines: 2 x Ilmor

Total Horse Power: 1450 hp

UKOPRA Marathon Class C

C100 – Blastoff Racing

Crew: Dorian Griffith, Shelley Jory-Leigh and Will Stevens

Hull: Fountain

Engines: 2 x Yanmar

Total Horse Power: 880 hp

C237 – SUNUS Ocean Racing

Crew: Paul Craven and Tom Montgomery-Swan

Hull: Spectre

Engines: 2 x Mercury

Total Horse Power: 800 hp

G130 – Fugitive

Crew: Rose Lores and Francis Whitley

Hull: Shakespeare

Engines: 2 x Yanmar

Total Horse Power: 630 hp