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2023 Race Bulletins


DATE ISSUED: 17/8/2023

SUBJECT: Class 2 UKOPRA Championship Points

Whilst Class 2 boats are welcome and eligible to enter both CTC and CPC in 2023, it must be clearly understood that ONLY boats in the Cowes Poole Cowes race will be eligible for UKOPRA Championship points.


DATE ISSUED: 17/8/2023

SUBJECT: Course Notes.

All competitors are advised to pay close attention to the 2023 course, specifically in the following areas:

1. Start Chute: This year the start boat will run on the Southerly side of the chute, not the Northerly side as before. Therefore, this year all race boats will form line abreast 30 meters behind the Starboard Quarter of the start boat.

2. Southbourne marks: This year the CTC will not be required to pass any marks in the Southbourne area. The boats will proceed directly from Hengistbury Head to Boscombe Pier. The CPC boats will however use one mark only at Southbourne.

3. Boscombe Pier: All race boats will be required to pass between TWO marks at Boscombe, thus forming a GATE. The northerly mark is a Cardinal Mark for the reef. The Southerly Mark is the Pier outfall mark. Any competitor passing the wrong side of the Cardinal Mark at Boscombe Pier will face disqualification.

4. Bournemouth Pier: All race boats will be required to pass between TWO marks at Bournemouth Pier, thus forming a GATE. The Northerly Mark is the Pier Outfall Mark. The Southerly Mark will be an Orange laid racing buoy. Any competitor passing the wrong side of the Outfall Mark at Bournemouth Pier will face disqualification. All competitors are required to pay particular attention to the spectator fleet throughout the course but particularly in this area, Portland Bill and Tor Bay.

5. Race Finish Line: The finish line for both races will be formed between East Lepe Port Hand Lateral Mark and the Committee Boat anchored 1.5 cables North.


DATE ISSUED: 21/8/2023

SUBJECT: Finish Line.

The Finish Line will be formed by a virtual line ruining north, between East Lepe and the Committee boat.

The Committee Boat will be stationed at 50’ 46.081 N / 001 21.175 W
East Lepe is located at 50’ 45.936 N / 001 21.07 W


DATE ISSUED: 26/8/2023

SUBJECT: CTC Starting Order

Starting Order for the CTC Class 1 Boats

For Clarity number 1 boat will form up on the Starboard Quarter of the Start boat which will be on the Southern side of the Shoot the Number 10 boat will be last in line on the Northen side of the shoot

1. 1-25
2. 1-47
3. 1-69
4. 1-00
5. 1-717
6. 1-8
7. 1-12
8. 1-86
9. 1-38
10. 1-80


DATE ISSUED: 26/8/2023

SUBJECT: Finish Boat

Starting Order for the CTC Class 1 Boats

Correct Coordinates for the Finish Boat:


Note: you pass East Lepe to Port and the Finish Boat to Starboard when you are heading East to Finish.


DATE ISSUED: 26/8/2023

SUBJECT: MV Emsstrom

Correct Coordinates for MV Emsstrom:


Note: Please pass north of the Northerly Cardinal mark (leaving the Northerly Cardinal mark on your Starboard side