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The following information regarding the rules and paperwork required for the Cowes-Poole-Cowes Club Race is provided for guidance only.

It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure they are aware of, and comply with, all the current rules.

General Racing Rules

Club races are designed to encourage owners of recreational boats to enjoy racing in a safe and fair manner. In order to compete, you must have a boat that conforms to the RYA’s general racing rules as well as the specific rules relating to Club events.

The link to the RYA rules is above. The general racing rules are in sections D-G, whilst
information about club racing is in section I 1-3.


All crew on board must hold an RYA basic licence (or better). Event licences cannot be issued this year.

How to apply for an RYA Basic Licence:

If you have held a licence in the past two years (including an event licence)

  1. Fill in all the relevant sections of the RYA licence application form (above) and arrange for the medical section to be completed by a registered medical practitioner.
  2. Send the form to your RYA affiliated club, who will counter-sign the application and send it to the RYA.
    If you have no previous experience, or haven’t held a licence in the past two years.

In addition to points 1 and 2 above, you will need to undertake a powerboat race training programme before you send the licence application to your club for endorsement.

Links to approved training organisations above.

RYA Basic Licence fees for Club class competitors

Annual licence fees are £300 for a driver and £250 for all other crew on board.

Competitors can, however, take advantage of the RYA’s ‘temporary licensing system’ which works as follows:

  1. The licence application form must be completed (plus medical) and sent to your club for endorsement together with a cheque for a £25 payable to the RYA – which is to cover the RYA’s administration fee. (You can also pay by credit/debit card.)
  2. At your first race, you will pay 50% of the licence fee to the race secretary, and at your second race you will pay the remaining balance.

If you are only racing in one club class race this year – the driver will pay a total of £175; everyone else on board will pay £150. (This represents 50% of the licence fee, plus the original £25 admin fee).

50% discount for new competitors to the sport

New competitors to the sport will be given a 50% discount on their first year’s licence. However, they must pay the licence fee in full when their application is submitted to the RYA. They cannot take advantage of the temporary licensing system which is outlined above.

Log books and scrutineering

Competitors will need to complete an RYA boat registration document and send this to the RYA 28 days before the event.

If you are renewing your log book (with no changes from last year), the fee is £15. New log books (or change of ownership) will cost £30.

A link to the RYA log book application form is above.

All boats will need to pass scrutineering before being allowed to race. The RYA rules give details about the equipment
needed on board, information about lifejackets, protective helmets and so on.

Radio licences

Each competing boat must have a Ship’s Licence for their radio equipment and at least one crew member on any race leg must have a VHF/SRC Operator’s Licence.

These licences will be checked at race administration and/or scrutineering. VHF  Channel 37 will be used throughout the race.

Competitors racing in a canopied boat

Everyone competing in a boat with a canopy, or partial canopy, must be in possession of a current immersion certificate and have completed a Microdive Basic Diver course. PADI and BASC qualifications are also accepted.

These certificates  must be submitted when applying for a powerboat racing licence.

Race Instructions

The event race instructions will include comprehensive information about the course, timetable and so on. These will be published on this page and emailed to all entrants – it is anticipated this will be in early July.

Further Information

For further information regarding race administration (licences, measurement certificates, training, etc) please

Sally Windsor, Race Secretary, Cowes-Poole-Cowes 2017


Mobile: 07802 291701

For all other information regarding the event please contact:

Martin Levi, Event Director, Cowes-Poole-Cowes 2017


Mobile: 07772 553376