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Three Reasons Why Boating Is So Important

The benefits of being in nature can be felt in as little as 10 minutes. This is an actual scientific finding. Natural settings have been found to result in lower heart and blood pressure rates than urban settings, near things such as traffic.

What’s more natural than the wide-open spaces of a lake or ocean? With this profound, thought-provoking question in mind, we are about to explore why boating is so good for your health.

The Healing Power of Water

Researchers at the University of Exeter published a study in October 2019 showing that people who live near the ocean are 22 per cent more likely to be happier and more content than those who live inland.

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“BlueHealth,” which involves interacting with water bodies, was found to be especially beneficial to lower-income households. An earlier Canadian study published in 2018 also indicated that people living close to water had lowered their mortality rates by 17 per cent.

Women and older adults were most prone to experience the protective effects of being near water. An article from 2013 found that even the sounds of water go a long way in reducing stress. If these three individual studies are anything to go by, you’ll feel better when you’re near a lake, river or ocean. These benefits can be felt by sitting poolside, relaxing on the beach, or better yet, being out there on the deep blue sea on a boat.

Your Body Will Thank You

Fitness is a significant benefit of boating. You get a boost every time you push away from the shore. No matter what kind of boating you do, whether kayaking or sailing, this fact remains the same. For all types of boating, there are physical requirements. To meet these specific requirements, you need to exercise your muscles.

Thanks to the low-impact nature of the exercises, they are usually safe for anyone to perform. Rowing is the most power-intensive boating you can do, and even that is recommended for elderly people to perform. Even if you don’t have a boat, rowing equipment at most local gyms makes it possible to benefit from the muscular movements involved in rowing.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

You can boost your brawn by boating, but it’s more than that. Some would argue that sailing and boating is more of a mental experience than a physical one. Boating is a popular means of taking some time off and getting away from stress. Boating provides an excellent way to keep your brain active, which maintains cognitive function and, as we age, reduces the likelihood of mental decline.

Final Word

Boating of any kind is an activity that everyone is encouraged to experience. Whether you sit on the deck of a cabin cruiser and soak up the sun or work your arm muscles on a sailing craft, boating promotes overall health. Reduce your stress and experience the numerous health benefits of water, sunlight and fresh air out in nature.

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